A Late Summer Birthday Buffet

Stationary Appetizer

An array of grilled farm stand vegetables with balsamic drizzle along side goat cheese and leek
dip, white bean and arugula pate, cucumber olive relish, garlic scented naan bread

—-Buffet Selections—-


Two peppercorn crusted filet mignon, blackberry mint sauce
Spice grilled salmon, pico de gallo salad, cilantro oil


Fresh tuna, mint, summer tomatoes, capers, toasted bread crumbs


Crispy assorted seasonal potatoes, spicy aioli drizzle
Sicilian eggplant and pepper caponata, toasted pine nuts, oregano croutons
Oven roasted cauliflower and olives with onion curry dressing
Heirloom tomato and fresh dill salad, feta crumble


Deconstructed shortcakes with blueberry, lemon drenched and chocolate pound cakes, toasted
almonds, berry coulis and vanilla crema