Backyard Barbecue Style Graduation Celebration

Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Curried chicken in crispy cup with coconut, toasted almonds and papaya
Black bean hummus, salsa fresca, cumin dusted pita points, scallions
Cheese and leek stuffed crepes, fresh herbs
Cold mussels vinaigrette (in the shell) with colorful vegetable brunoise and lemon oil
Fresh melon, prosciutto and mint bites
Tomato mint tartlets with goat cheese
Petite beef and mushroom burger on mini sesame bun
Empanaditas with swiss chard and olives


Whole grilled chicken with cumin and summer squash
Spice grilled shrimp with basil garlic sauce
Grilled sherry vinegar marinated steak salad with heirloom tomatoes, arugula, marinated red onions, mahon cheese
Sweet and spicy grilled Italian sausages with grilled peppers, onions and potatoes
Traditional hamburgers/cheeseburgers and hot dogs


Summer lettuces with avocado, chives, strawberries, spiced walnuts, brioche croutons and basil vinaigrette
Saffron golden potato salad with toasted pine nuts


Strawberry shortcakes with lemon sorbet and fresh whipped cream